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After battling and beating cancer in Season 2, Dr Jeff is busier than ever in his brand new Denver clinic. With his mantra of ‘putting the animal’s welfare before dollars’, combined with first class surgical skills, Dr Jeff has become Animal Planet’s number one show. 
Transmitting weekly in the UK on Sundays from 12 March to 28 May ’17.


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The Robot Will See You Now from Double Act on Vimeo.

Commissioned by Channel 4 to complement their Rise of the Robots Season, we discover just how much couples might trust a robot to help them find solutions to the most intimate, personal problems that trouble us all.   In this programme a team of AI experts have developed a robot of the future to find out….

Channel 4, Tuesday 28 November 10pm


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Chefs can be a temperamental bunch, prone to walking out and leaving restaurants in the lurch. But in Britain’s booming ‘last minute economy’, desperate owners can now call for an ‘Emergency Chef’.

With unique access to these ‘relief’ chef agencies, Kitchen 999: Emergency Chefs follows these rapid-response cooks as they race to troubled restaurants across the U.K. Armed only with their knives and culinary skill, they must master unfamiliar menus, handle inexperienced staff and satisfy demanding owners, because in this hire and fire industry, they simply can’t afford to fail.

In this raw and fast-paced film, Lancashire chef, Justine Forrest, is in over her head at a fine dining, luxury hotel in London. Meanwhile, fiery chef, Leslie Wills, rushes to a Devon manor house only to find a crewless kitchen and an ambitious menu to conjure up in a race against time. Finally, avant-garde chef, James Cathcart, must put his culinary aspirations on hold to wrangle an inexperienced assistant and churn out fast food at a heaving Midlands pub.

Pushed to their technical limits, forced to swallow their pride and restrain their anger, will these emergency chefs be able to maintain their reputation and save the day?


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American premiere in Animal Planet’s “Monster Week”.

As the human population expands deeper into the wild, animals are fighting back to protect their future. Wildlife cameramen Jim and Jason dedicate their lives to investigating and solving human and animal conflicts in remote regions of Earth. In MONSTER CROC: SEARCH FOR A KILLER, Jim and Jason travel to Belize where a mammoth crocodile nicknamed “Croczilla” is preying on the locals. Scarier than Croczilla are the actions of local poachers, who shoot first and answer questions later. Jim and Jason are in a race against time to interview locals and locate Croczilla before the poachers take matters into their own hands.

Dead Famous DNA – CHANNEL 4

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Presenter Mark Evans sets out on a ground-breaking quest to track down the last remains of some of history’s most important and infamous figures to find out what their biology can add to their biographies.

Delving into the intriguing world of the trade in human body parts, Evans attempts to obtain samples which can be used to extract their DNA and analyse the genome – the genetic blueprint of life. Through this scientific testing of human relics, Evans aims to solve some of the mysteries that have persisted around these high-profile historical figures – from Marilyn Monroe to Napoleon and Hitler.



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Discovery Channel commission GAME OF STONES – a six part series following the adventures of gem hunting legend Don Kogen and his crack team of rock hounds, as they travel the globe trying to turn rocks into cash. Every trip is fraught with danger as the boys try to beat rival gem hunters and bag ‘the big one’ that could make them millions. Here’s a preview.