Double Act is a critically acclaimed television production company set up in 2006 by two of the UK’s top documentary film-makers, Alastair Cook and Rob Davis.

Our specialty is prime-time television – producing high profile documentaries and factual television series for the world’s major broadcasters, as well as directing advertising campaigns for global companies. Double Act has earned an international reputation for fearless productions with visual flair, humour and compelling narratives.

Al & Rob joined forces back in 1997 to become the youngest directors on the BBC’s flagship documentary series Modern Times. Since then they’ve directed, filmed and produced some of the most talked about and critically acclaimed documentaries on British and international television. Their work has taken them to all corners of the globe and seen them tackle a diverse range of exciting and edgy subjects – from the dangerous world of extreme gem hunting (Game of Stones) to child sporting prodigies (Trophy Kids) to mafia lawyers (The Devil’s Advocate), and death defying BASE jumpers (The Men Who Jump Off Buildings).  They’ve also devised successful, global television formats, such as the adventure series, LOST, viewed as groundbreaking by television critics and industry professionals.

Double Act’s mantra is ‘quality not quantity’. We’re only interested in working on projects that really excite us as we take exceptional pride in our output, devoting great amounts of time and effort to ensure our television production is of the highest standard. Our ambition is to continue to develop a highly creative global brand by producing exciting observational documentary films, series and innovative format ideas for broadcast, as well as further enhance our creative interests in corporate and commercial film production.

Please take a moment to view our Documentary show reel.

Feel free to send an email to info@doubleact.tv – we are always open to ideas and enjoy collaborating with like-minded people.


Please Note:
While we welcome collaboration on new ideas, your submission will only be considered with your guarantee that, to the best of your knowledge, you are the sole originator of the idea and you have the legal right to submit it to Double Act for consideration. Double Act may already be exploring programmes and ideas generated by employees or other outside sources that resemble your submission. Therefore, you agree to renounce any claim that Double Act misappropriated any ideas or portions or your submission in any future Double Act programmes or activities.